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FREE Fundraising for Adoption

Adoption Crowdfunding - Powered by Gamers

To start your free adoption fundraising profile, please contact us with the following information:

  • Your Story / Quest for Adoption
  • Proof of an Approved Adoption Home Study (Mandatory)
  • Questions / Instructions / Other

Designed to Create Awareness & Make a Difference

What We Do

Gaming for Adoption is an adoption crowdfunding platform powered by gamers. We aid families that are struggling to raise the funds needed to cover children adoption expenses. Unlike other crowdfunding / fundraising platforms, we offer our services 100% free with absolutely NO strings attached. That’s right, we don’t even take 0.01% from donations! To be even more specific, ALL the money that is donated to a family goes directly to the family you wished to support! We gain support from the gaming community to create awareness and make a difference in these people’s lives.

How We Do

Like all other organizations, we need financial stability to operate and keep the lights on. Since we don’t charge for our services, we’re placed in a unique situation. Gaming for Adoption is NOT a nonprofit organization. We are a for profit organization built up from a charitable core and insatiable need to impact our world. Our income is generated through subscribers, patrons, sponsors, affiliates and people who wish to contribute financially (tip) to say “job well done”.  We’re able to do what we do because of our tremendously supportive community! They’re our gladiators that go out every single day to share with the world that family IS worth it and together we WILL changes lives!

Why We Do

Because family is worth it! Adoption can cost upwards of $30,000. The cost alone can make you think twice about starting or expanding your family! Then, you reach out to fundraising platforms that take up to 8% from every donation you receive because you’re desperate and vulnerable. We wont stand for that! We’re here to help you the right way! We stand at the front lines with all our prospective adoptive families! We’ll help build your unique fundraiser, offer tools and advice to help you create awareness, adoption resources and of course, our amazing community that’s eager to help will back you up and help reach thousands of people every day all over the world! Oh yea, we do all that 100% free of charge as well! ❤️‍

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